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Innovative, scientific, for you: discover how technology and research can help you achieve your fitness goals and live a more fulfilling life.

Sedentary habits, limited physical engagement, and generic fitness approaches pose significant threats to our society’s health and well-being.

Revolutionizing Fitness

Behavior Change Tech

At the core: How do we reshape habits and mindset for true behavior change
We've digitized processes rooted in sports science to bring you our mCoach App. It's where the synergy of psychology and sports science meets, ensuring that users not only achieve their personal fitness goals but do so with the captivating ease and engagement like TikTok.

Gymian your AI-Coach

Using Smart Tech, we're pioneering the next era of fitness with Gymian, your personal AI coach.
Leveraging Smart Tech, we're shaping the future of fitness. We offer real-time movement guidance via 3D Pose Estimation AI. Our RL-based AI crafts adaptive workouts tailored for you. Beyond fitness, our LLMs provide holistic nutrition advice. All with seamless communication through advanced NLP and speech synthesis.

Autonomous AI Gym

Plug into your personalized AI-gym through your app and recharge your health and fitness.
By minimizing operating, administrative, and staffing expenses, our gyms can fit right in your neighborhood, offering a more affordable, compact solution tailored for optimal reach. Dive into a personalized and interactive environment, where contact-free monitoring of your training metrics is done seamlessly through cameras powered by advanced AI.

Jimmy KI-App begleitet dich, formt Körper und Geist

Es ist unsere Aufgabe, Menschen für Fitness und Gesundheit zu begeistern.


Online Personal Training Abonnement

Wir ermöglichen Personal Training für alle und zu einem Bruchteil der üblichen Kosten.
Klicke auf "Anfrage" und überzeuge dich in einer kostenlosen Erstberatung.



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