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Innovative, scientific, for you:
Discover how technology and research can help you achieve your fitness goals and live a more fulfilling life.


Sedentary habits, limited physical engagement, and generic fitness approaches pose significant threats to your health and well-being.

Revolutionizing Fitness

Behavior Change Tech

At the core:
We reshape your habtis and mindset for true behavior change.
We've digitized processes rooted in sports science to bring you our mCoach App. It's where the synergy of psychology and sports science meets, ensuring that users not only achieve their personal fitness goals but do so with the captivating ease and engagement like TikTok.

Gymian your AI-Coach

Using Smart Tech, we're pioneering the next era of fitness with Gymian, your personal AI coach.
Leveraging Smart Tech, we're shaping the future of fitness. We offer real-time movement guidance via 3D Pose Estimation AI. Our RL-based AI crafts adaptive workouts tailored for you. Beyond fitness, our LLMs provide holistic nutrition advice. All with seamless communication through advanced NLP and speech synthesis.

Autonomous AI Gym

Plug in with your app and recharge your health/fitness almost automatically
By minimizing operating, administrative, and staffing expenses, our gyms can fit right in your neighborhood, offering a more affordable, compact solution tailored for optimal reach. Dive into a personalized and interactive environment, where contact-free monitoring of your training metrics is done seamlessly through cameras powered by advanced AI.
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Our Products

Slim sporty caucasian girl in sportswear is stretching on mat at home. Active healthy lifestyle. Concept of distance learning and online fitness classes. Personal training on coronavirus quarantine.

Online Personal Training with AI

We integrate all phases of personal training into an AI app and make training even more personalized


Fitness-Dopamine App with AI

At the core: How do we reshape habits and mindset for true behavior change

AI powered autonomous Fitness-Labs

Plug in with your app and recharge your health/fitness A new, true digital experience.

Shaping a healthier, more well-being society. Resilient for the next century.



Developers, multiple founder, AI experts

Along with building a team for our startup, we have established 3 strong partnerships with elite universities for joint research and funding applications.




(PhD St. in AI) ML/DL engineer, AI researcher and multiple founder




(B.Sc IT) Senior developer and multiple founder




(M.Sc IT) Senior Developer and Cloud Engineer 


Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Guido Dartmann

Scientific Advisor 

Expert in AI and distributed systems. Supports together with ignite AI GmbH.


Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Anke Schmeink

Scientific Advisor

Expert in AI for health technology and data analytics.



Strategy Advisor

Multiple founder and consultant. CEO of ignite AI GmbH.



Scientific Advisor 

(PhD St.) Expert in sports science and psychology

That's us

Our Culture and Impact

Shaping a healthier, more well-being society. Resilient for the next century.

What we aim for:

We will be the world’s first standardized and comprehensive solution that aims to reshape a healthier and more well-being society.

How do we get there:

Leveraging smart tech, sports- and neuroscience, we establish long-lasting habits and elevate individual well-being, reshaping the social fabric through an immersive digital experience.

… as accessible and rewarding as using TikTok

The WHO reports that physical inactivity is responsible for about 8% of all premature deaths annually and promotes 25% of the most common non-communicable diseases, including cardiovascular disease, depression and diabetes. In Germany alone, about 35 million people are affected by this problem and we are facing it:

Our Values: Reliability, Helpfulness, Fairness, Inclusion

Our Drivers: We Help, We Innovate, We Believe in a Better Future

What Clients Says

We have numerous satisfied users for whom our products have become essential part of their training

Finally, not a clumsy fitness app but something that helps me build my routines and keep them.

    Nils Winter
    Nils Winter


    I find the combination of AI, app and personal online coaching unique. It helps me finally build my habits that I was never faithful to before.

      Felicity Chan
      Felicity Chan


      Super AI App. It adapts it to my circumstances and my changing living conditions.

        Eva Dupont
        Eva Dupont


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        Im Mediapark 5, 50670 Köln GmbH